Progressive Education 101

We hear the question at every meeting: what do we mean when we say “progressive education”? We have learned that progressive education comes in many flavors, and schools often pick and choose progressive programs that suit their needs (such as semester-long social justice projects, community walks for preK kids, peer mediation, constructing a full-size wigwam). But just because progressive can mean a lot of things, that does not make the term meaningless. Below are a few resources on the basics

A simple chart comparing the characteristics of traditional and progressive education.

A selection of articles on progressive education topics from Bank Street School in Manhattan, including this overviewof why it’s great, but rare.

A short bio of philosopher and educator John Dewey, with further reading.

This is the website of the National Association of Independent Schools, which has a research clearinghouse.

The Independent Curriculum Group focuses on progressive curricula and assessments.

Some additional links: