The Bed-Stuy Parents Committee is a community of parents (largely with children aged 0 to 4) who have come together to nurture and improve our neighborhood schools.

BSPC advocates for more enrichment, stronger afterschool programs, and more robust professional development in our schools. BSPC supports the expansion of educational choices for parents in District 16 public schools.

BSPC aims to reverse steady disenrollment in District 16 by encouraging parents to consider neighborhood schools first. We facilitate that engagement through tours and volunteer opportunities.

BSPC wants respectful, child-centered approaches to learning that are rooted in the community and the real world.

BSPC supports equity and racial and socioeconomic integration in public schools.

Since we began in June 2015, we have grown to more than 150 parents from Bed-Stuy (and beyond). That is a conservative estimate, as our mailing list and our Facebook page have over 200 members each.

Here are the results of a 2015 survey of our members and a look at what people said in their long-form answers.

To get involved: join our mailing list. Join our Facebook page. Come to a meeting. Email us at